About Us

You're travelling through the misty memories of the late 80's and early 90's... a neon-soaked time when you didn't have a care in the world, and your perfect Friday night was a sleepover with friends, a trip to the video store, and a Domino's pizza.  Knocking back cans of Dew, nacho cheese dust greasing the buttons of your Genesis controller, and a stack of movie rentals on top of your VCR.

This is where Shapeshift Records lives and breathes.  In the nostalgic land of yester-year;  Blockbuster Video and staticky VHS tracking lines...

We may have grown up, just a little, but those Friday nights still warm our clogged, cynical hearts.  Our mission at Shapeshift is to rebuild and re-imagine those cherished memories by revisiting the scores and soundtracks from the most influential movies of our childhood.  We combine that undying love for movies and retro video games into vinyl albums that hit all the sentimental notes.

Whether it's dinosaurs, mutants, mask-wearing maniacs, or killer robots from the future, there's a good chance Shapeshift Records is going to take a tape from your old video collection and turn it into the ultimate soundtrack for the video game you always wished existed.