Pixel Parody Games

While the albums we make are very real, the parody movie games we imagine for them aren't... 
This page is devoted to taking a deeper look at the "What If" movie tie-in games we wish actually existed. The concepts, the designs, and that killer pixel-parody art.


   At Shapeshift, one of our foundational childhood movies was the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.  It was dark, it was gritty, and best of all - it was based on the adult-skewing comics, not the kids cartoon.  And we fell in love.  The Turtles have had several games over the years, but never a game based on the film.  We brought it to life, including every detail from the bodacious flick we could...

   Harry Shotton and Tom Pollock Jr created a Foot Soldier army of assets, from half shell heroes, to ninja-clad villains in the sewers, streets, and even on the farm...

   It was our most ambitious fantasy game yet, featuring several animations for more than ten different characters - including the Mutant Brothers, April, Casey Jones, weapon-wielding Foot Clan ninjas, Tatsu and The Shredder.  We also created ten unique pixel environments, featuring familiar places from the film like the Subway, Sewer Tunnels, April's Antique Shop, and the final Rooftop Battle. 

   For a more detailed look at the pixel art & animation created for PIZZA DUDE's GOT 30 SECONDS see our DIGITAL EDITION Artbook which comes complete with 20+ pages of content including sprite sheets and high quality looks at our backgrounds and character designs.  


   While Ghostbusters II did have a retro video game on the NES, it didn't quite capture the vibe of the slime-soaked sequel.  So, we gave it a SNES-style 16-Bit makeover - imagining the ultimate movie game! 

   Creating the iconic Ghosts AND Busters from the film was a lot of fun.  Everyone from Vigo and the Scoleri Brothers, to Slimer and the Statue of Liberty.  We even gave our heroes an alternate courtroom battle costume with their business suit attire.  

   No Ghostbusters game would be complete without a stage driving the Ectomobile!  For RIVER of SLIME we fashioned the car in the style of the Ecto1A, matching what was seen in the second film, complete with overhead flashing lights. 

   Ghostbusters II never seems to get the same love that the first film does, but to us it's just as special as the original - with tons of incredible moments we wanted to re-imagine!  Like Lady Liberty's iconic walk through NYC, and the final battle with Vigo the Carpathian.


  To check out all of the pixel art & animation created for RIVER of SLIME, see our DIGITAL EDITION Artbook which includes over 15 pages of behind the scenes content including character sprite sheets, stage backgrounds and character designs.



   What would it feel like to rip through the streets of Gotham in that roaring missile on wheels?  Or battle your way through an army of goons at Axis Chemicals?  To fly that screaming, bat-shaped jet through a villain's poisonous parade... or duke it out with the cackling Clown himself in the bell tower of an abandoned cathedral? We went all out to visualize those moments from the Tim Burton classic in the most refined and meaningful medium of our childhood - The Side Scroller.




   Pixel Artist, Harry Shotton, also known as AiyoPixel on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aiyopixel has created an amazing world of familiar characters and iconic vehicles for Gotham '89.  There is no better imagery to pair Anar Keytarman's rebuilt from-the-pixel-up soundtrack with. Spin Gotham '89, and revisit one of the most influential super hero films of all time in an all new retro-styled experience.